The Rooster and Kitten, formerly The Cock and Puss, is a public house in Marcuria located in Ayrede Avenue, close to the South Gate. It is run by Ulvic, an ally to the Rebels.

Dreamfall Edit

The Rooster and Kitten, in its prior existence as The Cock and Puss, can be seen in Ayrede Avenue next to the Salty Seaman. Although characters can remark on the name, the building is otherwise impossible to interact with.

Dreamfall Chapters Edit

Remodeled, renamed, and now owned and administered by Ulvic, The Rooster and Kitten serves as the chief meeting place for Rebels in Marcuria, after the shuttering of the Journeyman Inn. Frequented by Marcurian and Azadi alike, it later becomes the site where Kian and Hami declare their alliance to bring down Sister Sahya and Commander Vamon's forces.

Trivia Edit

  • The name change from "The Cock and Puss" to "The Rooster and Kitten" came about due to Ulvic's distaste for what he saw as the excessive and unnecessary cleverness of the original name, and his desire to keep the original establishment's "sweet", "sincere" imagery. Regardless of the change, numerous characters unintentionally refer to it by its original, more lewd, name.
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