Shady Quay is a small dock located in Marcuria's Oldtown. After the Azadi closed the South Gate the Harbour fell into disuse, and ships must now dock in the western part of the city. Shady Quay seems to service Magicals and their associated shipping traffic.

Events of DreamfallEdit

At the time of Dreamfall a Dark People's Shadow Ship is docked there. The Rebels's small ship is also moored there, and Brynn, Chawan and the Captain set sail from Shady Quay with their cargo of medicine and charms.

Various Magicals can be seen wandering around the Quay: Dolmari, Zhid, the Dark People Shadowguide and even a Samare. Garod the bibliophile can also be seen wandering the Quay, causing April to suspect he is an Azadi spy, while Kian suspects he's a Rebel sympathiser.

Trivia Edit

"Quay" in Shady Quay is pronounced as spelled, whereas in sailor terminology it is pronounced "key".

Events of Dreamfall ChaptersEdit

Book TwoEdit

Kian arrives to Marcuria's Shady Quay at night with Likho and Enu.

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