Saga is the third playable character in Dreamfall Chapters. A thirty-five-year-old shifter and traveler, she provides Kian and Zoë with vital assistance during their attempts to save reality from being reshaped.

Forewarned by prophesies outlining her role in events, Saga first intervenes by saving Kian’s life after he is wounded by Mother Utana. Subsequently, she opens up a shift allowing Zoë and Kian to communicate across the divide, and for Ferdows and Wit to brainstorm and execute a way to cause the Azadi Calculating Engine to crash.

Not long after, Saga, now alone, searches for Crow’s abandoned body and retrieves it.

A week later, after the conclusion of the battle for Marcuria, Saga reappears at the Enclave, where she informs Kian that she will be joining him on his return trip back to Azadir, and aiding him in his efforts to retake the country from Utana’s genocidal faction. She also recommends that he legally adopt her in order to allow her a measure of rights while there.

Interludes Edit

While Saga’s role in events taking place in Stark and Marcuria during Dreamfall Chapters is minimal and limited, it does not reflect the totality of her story, or the character’s importance. Her story begins with her birth, continues across her infancy, childhood and adolescence, culminates with her adulthood, and ends with her twilight years.

Saga was born in the House of All Worlds, where she lived with her parents, Etta, a Midgardian; and Magnus, a human. Sometime in her first year, Saga was visited by an apparition, the spirit of the White Dragon reborn, who vowed to watch over and protect Saga, even after the spirit became invisible to the infant’s eyes and faded from memory.

Not long after, Etta left the House on an errand and never returned, an event that deeply affected both Magnus and Saga.

Saga spent her childhood inside the House, her only companions being Magnus, her stuffed animal Hugsy, and the occasional visitor, such as her godfather Galath and the teachers who came by to assist with her education. She exhibited interest in becoming a singer-songwriter, and was a voracious reader. A more consistent passion, however, were the visual arts, and over a period of time Saga created a series of drawings based on uncommonly vivid dreams of a girl “who is an artist and is named after spring” and that girl’s adventures in another world. It was during this time, when she was seven years old, that she opened her first shift, and left the House for worlds unknown, without supervision.

Saga’s teenage years were turbulent ones, as she chafed under the strict regulations set by Magnus, who, still traumatized by Etta's disappearance, eventually placed wards around the house in order to prevent his daughter from opening shifts and indulging in her wanderlust, lest she too disappear. One time, when Magnus accidentally left behind his glasses, Saga wasted no time in using them to locate and break the wards, after which she once again left.

Since then, Saga has spent most of her life walking across worlds, only occasionally returning to the House of All Worlds, which came to be used as a storehouse more than a home. Sometime along the way, she became aware of prophecies outlining the next chapter in her life, including her roles in the battle for Marcuria; as Lady Alvane, Azadi princess and the adopted daughter of the Bloodless King; and as a player in the War of the Balance.

As the decades passed, Saga continued traveling, visiting various worlds, having many adventures, and working on various projects, such as helping Galath compile the multi-volume The Complete History of the War of The Balance and the Reunification of Worlds; work on her own tome, The House of All Worlds; and painting. Despite the reluctance of her earlier years, she eventually came to call The House of all Worlds home once again. There, she would occasionally receive visitors, some of whom she regaled with tales of the worlds gone by, and which included one April Ryan, the girl she’d dreamed about all those years ago.

“The soul of she who saved the balance, reborn” Edit

Much like how the White Dragon reborn is both her mother and a different person, Saga is April Ryan reborn, complete with her own connection to the White of the Kin.

The link between Saga and April and the dragons manifests, or is hinted at, in various ways:

  • An innate resistance to fire, and a degree of control over it.
  • Shifting abilities, which allow Saga to walk through paths between worlds.
  • The appearance of the White Dragon reborn’s spirit before baby Saga, whom she called “sister-daughter”, much like the two dragons referred to April.
  • Saga’s knowledge of the events of The Longest Journey (although not necessarily other events in April’s life) which she experienced as vivid dreams and include details even April did not know about, such as the presence of the Undreaming inside Brian Westhouse.
  • A shared passion for painting.
  • A deep bond with Crow, who, like her, appears to have been reborn after being killed.
  • The narrative juxtaposition of April's funeral with Saga's birth, complete with a shift portal opening in the House of All Worlds.
  • Next to the fireplace, in House of All Worlds, one of the books is titled "Reincarnation for Beginners"

Saga herself acknowledges a connection, but remains uncertain of its nature. April’s own spirit, who meets Zoë in the Storytime, notes that she has been reborn, but gives no additional detail. Abnaxus of the Venar is more explicit, telling Zoë and Crow: “She will be dead. She was reborn. There are two now, entwined but apart. The Dragon of Spring. The Girl Who Walked Between Worlds. Mortal and immortal, human and kin.”

Trivia Edit

  • When Saga opens a portal and leaves the House, the background music that plays is a mixed version of April's funeral theme.
  • Saga's room includes a self-portrait, where she sits against the backdrop of the Border Mountains as seen in The Longest Journey.
  • The narrative structure of Saga's story, in which the player drops in on the character at different points in her life, is the realization of a discarded concept that had been considered for the original follow-up for The Longest Journey, wherein "You would play this girl/woman as a child, a teenager, an adult, and an old woman."[1]
  • As revealed in the comic-book story "The Propheseer," Saga's sexual exploits sometimes precede her, and she has obtained a reputation in some corners of the multiverse as someone who "gets around," and whose partners are not limited to humanoid beings. While the accuracy of these claims is uncertain, Ragnar Tørnquist has confirmed that she is pansexual.

References Edit

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