Inflated f-scr

A bright blue inflatable rubber duck. It also appears to be an innertube designed for children.

The Longest JourneyEdit

April sees the ducky trapped under a rusty grill in the Venice canals, and frees by scattering crumbs so a seagull will peck a hole in it. Once freed, the duck floats down to the Fringe Cafe and gets snagged.

When April retrieves it, she finds that someone has mysteriously put a Band-aid over the hole in the duck. She uses the ducky as part of a complicated apparatus to retrieve a key from the Metro Line. This is one of, if not the most famous (and hated) of TLJ's puzzles.

Obtained from the canal that runs below April's window.

Dreamfall ChaptersEdit

Zoë finds some unexpected evidence of the ducky in Europolis when she encounters a notice posted on a wall that the ducky has been found.
DFC Ducky

Lionel Ritchie lyrics? Really?


  • In the Norwegian version of the game when April sees the duck floating through the Bridges of Venice, rather than the English "Bon voyage, ducky!", she says "Bon voiage, Donald!": obviously a reference to Disney's Donald Duck.
  • The title of the notice: "Hello! Is it me you're looking for?" is a reference to the lyrics of the Lionel Ritchie song "Hello."
  • Actual rubber ducks are small, yellow bath toys.
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