Oular concept

Oular: 'Children of the purple mountains'; also: Na'ven Manggoy - 'ape-people'; 'makak' (derogatory); assassili - 'assassins'

The Oular are a simian people that have been around since well before humans, although they withdrew from society long ago. Since then, they have lived cut off from other civilizations, which have been in turn been discouraged from seeking out the Oluar due to their tendency to be aggressive towards outsiders and fiercely protective of their territory. This isolation has led people to believe the Oular are primitive race; especially the Azadi, who consider them little better than animals.

The Oular are just as sophisticated as their ancient civilisation would imply, however, and they are highly skilled in one art they are still famous for: violence. The other races of Arcadia view the Oular with derision or, at best, fear.

Although their numbers seem to be dwindling, the Oular still speak their mellifluous language with pride - though seldom to outsiders.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Their appearance and great antiquity make the Oular a candidate for the Banda ancestors seen in statues throughout the Catacombs. Their melodious language may also hint that they practice some variety of the earth-shaping "Banda magic" (to quote Na'ane) of the Mole People.

The Oular were revealed in Update #10 of the Kickstarter campaign.[1]


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