The album cover from the official soundtrack, released November 2000

The soundtrack for The Longest Journey was composed by Bjørn Arve Lagim and Tor Linløkken.

Tracklist (CD release)[edit | edit source]

0:00 Main Menu

2:01 Prologue


The Longest Journey Soundtrack (Full)-0

The Complete Soundtrack to The Longest Journey

3:41 Main Titles                                                                

6:39 Venice

7:43 The First Shift

8:41 Marcuria and the Northlands

13:10 The Gribbler

14:14 The Subway and Hope Street

15:05 The Great Library

15:40 Reading Music

17:21 The Gargoyle and the Labyrinth

20:10 The Storm and the Sea

22:20 Alais

24:02 Inside the Alatien City

24:55 The Deep and the Old God

26:40 The House of All Worlds

27:23 Jacob McAllen

29:54 Death and Rebirth

30:43 Danger

32:17 Into the Wormhole

33:48 Desolation and Well of Making

34:32 The Ghost House

34:09 The Tower

37:52 Epilogue

39:37 End Credits

43:06 The Longest Journey Suite

55:13 Dragon

1:00:21 Eagle

1:03:56 Dolphin

1:10:34 Unicorn

Availability of the Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

The official soundtrack released as a CD version on November 15th, 2000, but is difficult to obtain so many years later. A free download opportunity was available on FunCom's official TLJ website, but is unfortunately no longer there. However, purchases of The Longest Journey game e.g. on come with the entire soundtrack as a bonus.

Version differences[edit | edit source]

The official album comes with the track "The Longest Journey Suite" (12:05), which is missing from the digital releases. Apart from slightly different arrangements of TLJ motifs, the Suite also incorporates pieces found as separate tracks on the web release. As a result, the CD release (77:10) is slightly longer than the web release (75:54), but has less individual tracks (30 compared to 36).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • One track not included on either soundtrack release is the ambient music playing in the foyer of MTI's HQ. It's just 17 seconds long, however the reason that it's not on either soundtrack is that it's probably royalty free music, not composed by Lagim or Linløkken. The home video company Quality Films SA in Mexico has e.g. used the same sample for their 1999 logo animation. From TLJ, the sample can be extracted as a WAV file by using TLJView, following the path The Longest Journey > Vanguard Building > Entrance Hall > entrance hall.
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