The game's musical score composer is Simon Poole. Simon still works for Funcom also, so it wasn't easy for him to find the time for RTG and Dreamfall Chapters. Poole isn't a stranger to the Longest Journey universe – in 2006, he had contributed three tracks to the Dreamfall Soundtrack (one of which was published under his online name, "slipperhero"). He has been with the Chapters project from very early on, having created music specifically for the 2013 teaser trailer already.

Chapters' music features vocals by Ingvild Hasund, Simon's wife ("A Song for Kian"). Just like Simon, Ingvild has Dreamfall history, having performed the title Rush of the respective soundtrack in 2006. Chapters' Book 1 opens with the vocals of Ingvild and Simon's daughter Selma ("Prologue").

In February 2015, Poole's soundtrack for Dreamfall Chapters Book 1: Reborn received a nomination in the category "Best Original Composition/Gaming" by Music+Sound Awards UK (eventual winner was the E3 trailer music for 'Valiant Hearts').

Book 1: Reborn Soundtrack[]

The soundtrack for Book 1 was released on November 3rd, 2014 to all backers starting with a pledge level of 25$ and up. It is also available to all owners of the Dreamfall Chapters Special Edition and can be purchased via bandcamp.

1 The House of All Worlds Simon Poole 2:27 score main menu, choices summary
2 Reborn Simon Poole 2:02 trailer music/score Reborn episode trailer
3 Prologue Simon Poole* 2:59 source music/score cutscene, intro
4 Return to the Hospital Room S. Poole/Leon Willett 2:16 score cutscene, intro transition Storytime
5 Storytime Simon Poole 1:18 score gameplay, Storytime
6 Storytime conversations Simon Poole 6:38 score gameplay, Storytime
7 The Azadi Simon Poole 1:37 score cutscene, Friar's Keep
8 A Song for Kian Simon Poole** 1:13 score cutscene, beginning/end of Friar's Keep
9 Friar's Keep Simon Poole 4:28 score gameplay, Friar's Keep
10 Therapy Simon Poole 2:12 score gameplay, Zelenka's Office
11 Europolis Simon Poole 3:26 score gameplay, Propast hub
12 Saga Simon Poole 1:58 score cutscene, House of All Worlds
13 Announcement trailer Simon Poole 2:43 trailer music announcement trailer/overview trailer
*vocals by Selma Hasund Poole / ** vocals by Ingvild Hasund total playing time ~ 35:17

Dreamfall Chapters Original Soundtrack[]

The full soundtrack features the 13 tracks from the Book One soundtrack and 35 additional tracks:

14 A room with a view Simon Poole/Leon Willett 1:54 score cutscene, hospital room
15 Rebels Simon Poole 1:35 score
16 Fever Dreams Simon Poole 2:16 score cutscene, the Enclave (Book 2)
17 The Enclave Simon Poole 2:34 score gameplay, the Enclave (Book 2)
18 Marcuria by night Simon Poole 3:43 score gameplay, Marcuria hub (Book 2)
19 The raid Simon Poole 0:45 score cutscene, Enclave/Marcuria (Book 2)
20 Abnaxus Simon Poole 1:36 score cutscene/gameplay dream sequence (Book 3)
21 Propast blowback Simon Poole 5:22 score
22 Realms Simon Poole 1:12 score
23 Through the looking glass Simon Poole 0:41 score
24 Southwards Simon Poole score
25 The Yaga Simon Poole score cutscene/dialog, Yaga encounter (Book 4)
26 Attack on the Enclave Simon Poole 2:02 score cutscene
27 Revelations Simon Poole score
28 The Purple Mountains Simon Poole score
29 Bird on a search Simon Poole score
30 The void Simon Poole score
31 A farewell to Wonkers Simon Poole score
32 The Prophet Simon Poole score
33 Morning in Marcuria Simon Poole score
34 The Dream Vortex Simon Poole score
35 Mumbai underground Simon Poole score
36 The ceremony begins Simon Poole score
37 Breaking point Simon Poole score
38 Night falls on Marcuria Simon Poole score
39 The Undreaming is unchained Simon Poole score
40 Shifts Simon Poole score
41 Dreaming shards Simon Poole score
42 The longest journey home Simon Poole score
43 Rebel-rousing Simon Poole score
44 Payback Simon Poole score
45 Dreaming and Undreaming Simon Poole score
46 Rush Redux Ingvild Hasund 2:31 source music cutscene, Saga's discovery, Book 5
47 Journey's end Simon Poole 2:23 score gameplay, House of All Worlds, Book 5
48 End titles Simon Poole 1:25 score
*vocals by Selma Hasund Poole / ** vocals by Ingvild Hasund total playing time ~ ???

Egil Olsen[]

Egil Olsen's in game model

The Dreamfall Chapters soundtrack features songs by Norwegian singer/songwriter Egil Olsen. Originally, it was planned to incorporate one of his songs per Book; eventually, a total of four ended up in the game. The last scene of Book 1 as well as the rolling credits are accompanied by Olsen's song "Don't just say you love me, show me". But he also has an animated alter ego in the game, performing as a street musician in the streets of Propast, a stone's throw from the Collapse Memorial. In Book One, players can listen to "Singer/Songwriter" and "Keep Movin" here. For Book Five, Olsen contributed his only previously unreleased song: "Fallin".

During a Norwegian radio broadcast on October 28th, 2014 (Skolefri live, NRK radio), Olsen has commented on the experience: "When I was 10 I wrote a diary. And at the very start of that diary – I just found it, I'm moving and have only just gotten all of my things to the new place – there was a list. It said that when I grow up, I was going to make an album, and I was going to make computer games – which I kind of feel like I've done now, even though I didn't make the game [...]".[1]

Availability of the entire Soundtrack[]

Kickstarter and Paypal backers of the game have received the entire soundtrack starting with a pledge level of 50$ via their Humble account. RTG has made the entire soundtrack available for purchase on a number of music vending platforms, among them bandcamp.

The Unofficial Soundtrack Album[]

the cover for the unofficial DFC soundtrack, designed by Christoffer Grav.

Following disappointment over a cancelled RTG music contest for Chapters, RTG forum members agirlnamedbob and jlddodger have organised a similar, yet unofficial contest. Entries were uploaded to An album cover for the unofficial soundtrack was designed by RTG artist Christoffer Grav (MrGrav on the forums) to support the fan project. Ragnar Tørnquist has expressly welcomed the initiative; Chapters will eventually provide an "easy modding" system that lets players bring their own music into the game – primarily, of course, the Unofficial Soundtrack.


  1. Comment taken from a transcript compiled and translated by RTG community moderator khh.