The Longest JourneyEdit

"This story, like all good stories, begins where it ends, in a tower, in a realm that is no more..."
―Lady Alvane[src]

Lady Alvane is an elderly woman we see narrating the events of the game to a young man and woman during the prologue and epilogue to TLJ, describing it as a story she heard a long time ago.

When April is fleeing the agents of the Vanguard, she runs to the Fringe Cafe and sees the Mystery Door open for the first time, becoming her only escape route. This carries her through to the House of All Worlds, where she meets a "vaguely familiar"-looking woman who introduces herself as Lady Alvane. She gives April some much-needed advice and support, notably reassuring her that Emma wasn't seriously injured by being shot and will recover from the wound. She tells a weary April that she must go on, because "that is how the story goes". However, she also seems to have mysterious insight into April's future thoughts and feelings, claiming that though she will prevail, the pain won't go away - April will keep that with her forever.

Lady Alvane's home is pleasant and rustic, but there is clearly more to the House of All Worlds than we see. Lady Alvane says "this place is between, and everywhere" and, in speaking to her visitors, describes a time after the two worlds were reunited. The books on her shelves are either metaphysical or modern classics; the volumes include Moby Dick, Oliver Twist, The World According To Garp, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and The Holy Bible.

After the story is finished and her visitors leave, we see that Lady Alvane lives with a very old and very grey Crow.

Dreamfall Chapters Edit

For more on Lady Alvane's role in Dreamfall Chapters and her origins, see Saga.

The very last scene of Dreamfall Chapters chronologically takes place shortly before Lady Alvane's meeting with April in the original game, as an elderly Saga returns to the House of All Worlds to prepare for her visiting guest. Before receiving April, she first greets an arriving Crow, whom she sends upstairs and out of sight. After taking her seat, she waits as a portal opens, and April steps through.

Trivia Edit

  • Though Lady Alvane does not appear and is not mentioned in Dreamfall, the fact that Kian Alvane shared her surname (a fact that goes unremarked by April), and his belief that he dimly recognises April, led to much fan speculation about their relationship.
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