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An inn near the centre of Marcuria, the Journeyman Inn is a popular place run by a Seer named Benrime Salmin. April ends up there on her second Shift when she accidentally travels to Arcadia in her underwear. At that time, Benrime was playing host to people celebrating the Feast of the Balance. April worked at the Journeyman to earn some money and got a new set of clothes from Benrime (somehow, whatever world she's in, April always ends up in the service industry). While there she met Abnaxus, the Venar ambassador who lived in Marcuria. Tun Luiec also stayed at the Journeyman Inn while she prepared to go to Corasan.

The Journeyman is built on several levels; it has a cellar, a kitchen, a front room and two back rooms, but not much more is known about it.

The name appears to be a reference to the many travellers who frequent the inn, Shifters or otherwise. According to the old system of apprenticeship, one began as an Apprentice to a Master, struck out on one's own as a Journeyman, and finally ended as a Master themselves.

Dreamfall Edit

By the time of Dreamfall, the Azadi occupation of Marcuria has begun to tell. Benrime has allowed the Journeyman Inn to become a safe haven for the Rebels, and April, Na'ane, Chawan and Brynn make their home there while in town, in the four bedrooms upstairs. To avoid the attention of the Azadi Benrime has installed a new steam-powered beer tap, and filled her bookshelves with Azadi-approved literature. Despite this, she prides herself on still serving Magicals in a time of great prejudice.

Thanks to its importance in Dreamfall we see much more of the Journeyman and discover it is built on three stories. Upstairs are several small bedrooms for guests, each large enough to take two beds. On the ground floor is the back room, the bar with tables and a fireplace, and possibly a small side room. Below is the wine cellar and storeroom; the storeroom has a window that looks out into the Journeyman's garden. April and Zoë also discover the entrance in the back of the cellar to the Underground Caverns, which the Prophet uses to reach the Dream Chamber. It is opened by what Na'ane likens to Banda magic. Curiously, Benrime does not notice the Prophet enter the Journeyman, which is strange given that he would have had to have walk right by her to gain access to the cellar.

Towards the end of Dreamfall the Journeyman Inn is raided by Kian and the Azadi. It seems to have been shut down indefinitely, as Benrime was arrested for helping the Rebels.

Trivia Edit

Christmas card

The Journeyman at the Winter Solstice.

According to the 'Christmas card' sent out by Funcom in 2004, Arcadia doesn't celebrate Christmas, but at the Winter Solstice Benrime serves mulled wine and roast gipa to her patrons.

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