Built by Magnus and Etta, and existing within the Aether, the enigmatic House of All Worlds is inhabited by several characters throughout the series. Its exact nature is still unrevealed: Lady Alvane states that it exists "Between, and Everywhere,” while Etta jestingly lists its selling points as “recently renovated, low interest-rates, unbound from space and time, never twice in the same neighborhood.” Magnus notes that the house was created to allow its inhabitants to return to it if they are lost.

Located in neither Stark nor Arcadia, and existing outside time itself, the House is two-story building, and includes a kitchen, dining room, cellar, fireplace, and den, as well as a handful of mysteries. With the exception of the more rustic den, it is decorated to reflect a 1950’s aesthetic. Like all houses, it requires periodic maintenance, preferably with tools inscribed with runes and imbued with Aetherian magnetism.

The Longest JourneyEdit

The den of The House of All Worlds is first seen at the beginning of the game when by two guests in order to hear its present owner, Lady Alvane, tell them a story. Later in the game, April reaches the House of All Worlds via the "Mystery Door" outside the Fringe Cafe that opens some kind of portal. April says that it "felt different, not like Shifting"; Lady Alvane tells her that, while April brought herself there, Lady Alvane opened the door for her.

The house appears a third and final time during the game’s epilogue, when Lady Alvane, having finished her story and seen her visitors off, speaks to a visiting Crow.

Dreamfall ChaptersEdit


The iconic fireplace as it appears in Dreamfall Chapters.

One of the Kickstarter's stretch goals, code-named "Mystery is important, señorita", the House of All Worlds appears for the first time as an explorable location in Chapters. and is the setting for all of its interludes. During the game, the house is inhabited by a family unit comprised of Magnus, Etta and their child Saga. It is seen at different points in Saga’s life, during her infancy, childhood, early teenage years, adulthood (during which the house remains largely abandoned) and old age. Its final appearance, at the very end of the game, takes place immediately before Saga, now also known as Lady Alvane, has her fateful encounter with April.

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