A beggar who lives on the streets of Marcuria, near the Journeyman Inn. He is well known to Benrime Salmin, who sends Zoë Castillo to speak to him when she's looking for Minstrum Magda. Blind Bob is happy to help Zoë (whom he refers to as "rose petal") in return for a flask of mulled wine made with Mrs Mullins' Mixed Spices, and directs her to Crazy Clara.

In his younger years (when he was a "wee lad") Bob must to have dabbled in Alchemy, although with seemingly little success. He tells Zoë of the "fyre charm" he had an accident with, which now keeps him "permanently temperate". There was also the time he botched a "chymical spell" that almost burned his eyes out. It because of this near- miss that he now uses the name "Theoretically Blind Bob", although he shortens it to just "Blind Bob" ("'Theoretically Blind Bob' is no proper name for a beggar"). 

In the past Bob was a home-owner, but he voluntarily gave it up for the freedom of a beggar's life ("No bleedin' taxes!"). His refined tastes may be a legacy of his former life, however. When Benrime hears that he wants Mrs Mullins' she remarks "For a beggar, Blind Bob is quite particular."

He now takes his pleasure in life from panhandling and bargaining, and barters his information on Magda's whereabouts by his rules of "Tit for tat" ('this for that') in return for the mulled wine. He considers Benrime "cold and miserly" and that Magda's saltnut soup is the best "south of Lame Bastard Hill". He regards Crazy Clara as "crazy as a turnip", but also having the eyes of a Scoutwing.

The character is also heavily inspired by Terry Pratchett and the discworld books (3:46:30 - Livestream)

Dreamfall Chapters Edit


Blind Bob with Enu and Crow

Blind Bob returns in Dreamfall Chapters as a logistics officer for the rebellion, ensuring their base at the Enclave runs smoothly. As he explains to Zoë during a reunion, he joined the cause after he'd hit rock bottom, resulting in an epiphany. Subsequently, he cast off his theoretical blindness, left behind his beggaring ways, and became a general.

Bob also reveals that he had a past relationship with Abnaxus, having bonded with the Venar back when they both shared a social circle, Bob being a "dapper chap on the Marcurian party circuit" and Abnaxus serving as Venar ambassador to Ayrede. Before leaving Marcuria, Abnaxus entrusted Bob with the key to his abode, which Bob gives Zoë so that she may continue in her quest.

Bob is among the rebels killed during an Azadi raid on the Enclave. After the final battle for Marcuria, a memorial for him is placed in the Enclave.

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