Baba holds knowledge of the world as it was before the Divide, and she is a child of the first dreams, long before the ascendence of man. She used to be a powerful goddess, but her powers have been severely reduced. She hides now in the dark, cursing the rise of civilisation and the loss of her disciples… and plotting. (From the Steam trading cards)

Baeb-Ayae-Gh'aa can manifest as three individual entities, at once, Ba'eb, Ayae, and Gh'aa. In Chapter Ten: Umbrae, Zoë travels to Riverwood to meet the Yaga and obtain the soulstone from her. Zoë finds the Yaga in the shape of a lizard as big as a castle, and enters the Yaga's head. Inside, it is pitch black, save for a faint aurora above and the glowing soulstone. The Yaga's individual manifestations appear and Zoë talks and negotiates with them.

Baeb-Ayae-Gh'aa - a lizard as big as a castle

Zoe about to enter Baeb-Ayae-Gh'aa's lizard head

Trivia Edit

  • Her name bears more than a passing resemblance to the mythic Russian witch, Baba Yaga. Zoë even recognizes this. The Yaga do not like to hear their full name.