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• 5/5/2017

Welcome to Discussions

Discussions is a new feature developed to replace our forums. Here fans can create posts to share videos, images and discuss gameplay. Upvote your favorite and share them on social media. Be sure to read the guidelines posted to the right.
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• 8/15/2016

Interlanguage Links!

Hello. I just wanted to say that I am connected Interlanguage Links to your and our wiki. So now you can add these amazing links to the bottom of the page. If you want to, of course (;

In any case, I plan to view both wikis. And therefore I can edit your wiki too, if you do not mind (:
P.S.: And! You guys are absolutely wonderful!
Your wiki is so large and it's amazing. Really! We (the Russian community) are very grateful to all of you for your work.
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• 3/20/2016


(Moved this here from the main page's talk page, because this applies to all of the wiki, not just the main page.)
The background image sets the tone here, it sort of defines the pallette. The user iterface colors should match tones from that pallette, or at least harmonize with them. The contrast between intensely blue UI elements such as the top navigation and the background image with its more subdued colors was very strong. I used the theme editor to change these:

Link color to new link color
The link color is intended to look almost, but not quite, like the UI background color. It needs to be darker than the UI color, otherwise the links are too light in relation to other text. And it is a bit more saturated, to make the links easy to see in text.
I document these changes here

to make it easy for others to compare before and after,
to explain why and how (look at this page's source to copy the colors), and
to be able to roll these changes back if need be (yeah, the theme editor has a roll back function, but does not outright show what was changed).
--Lachnummer (talk) 20:50, March 19, 2016 (UTC)
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• 3/20/2016

New TLJwiki logo, alias wordmark

The old logo (called "wordmark" by Wikia), shown on the right, shows "The Longest Journey" in vivid blue letters, with a balance symbol in the background. From 2014 to 2016, this image was used as the TLJwiki logo. At the original (and maximum) size of 250x65 pixels, the balance symbol is almost unrecognizable. I had to enlarge the image to even realize that it is a balance symbol. Before that, it looked like simply a blue orb to me, possibly a planet. The similarly colored background also makes the writing harder to read. The built-in nested frames further reduce the available space, leading to reduced font size, also making the writing harder to read.

For these reasons, I have made and installed a new logo, shown on the right. TLJ logo with words stacked, white background, blue text, 130x65 pixels It is much clearer, using all of the available height for writing. However, I am not quite content with it.
The background should be transparent instead of white. This becomes apparent when the window is narrowed.
Centering it might help.
The way it is, the contrast is higher than in the top navigation. I would prefer if the text color matched the navigation background.
To make full use of the available space, the words would need to be side-by-side instead of on top of each other.
However, I do not have neither tools nor know-how ready to achieve all of these.
--Lachnummer (talk) 23:15, March 19, 2016 (UTC)
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• 1/29/2016

TLJ Save Games

I just downloaded TLJ on a new system and started playing.
As usual I saved my game at critical points along the way. At the end of the day the game crashed. Once I got that straightened out I went to load my last save and there were no saved games showing.
I got the problem fixed but without a save I have to start over. Could anyone send me a save around the time just before April is going into the police station for the first time?
This would be greatly appreciated.
Darrall Blanchet
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• 1/10/2016

[[Template:CC-BY-SA]] missing on [[:Category:Image wiki templates]]

CC-BY-SA shows Image wiki templates as one of its categories, because Template:CC-BY-SA/doc contains the wikitext that adds it to that category.
So far, so good.
However, Category:Image wiki templates fails to list CC-BY-SA. Why?
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• 1/8/2016

Content menu fails to update

In the top navigation, I expect the submenu Categories -> "Game content" to automatically update as the contents of Category:Content change, but it doesn't. For example, it has been three days now that I removed Article stubs from Category:Content, and added Easter Eggs to it, but "Article stubs" still shows in the menu and "Easter Eggs" (or History, which I just added) does not. Appending "?action=purge" does not help, and there should have been enough time for any other caches at Wikia to refresh. Is it wrong to expect automatic updates there?
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